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Beyond The Limits of Myasthenia Gravis!

by Clete Gress

A "Self Portrait of my Life" with Myasthenia!

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*Whether you are Family, Friend, Fan or just Visiting, I have some sad news to give you.  This past October 26th., 2008 the Author of this book, Beyond the Limits, passed away quietly in his sleep.  His death was not due to his Myasthenia Gravis, although it may have been a small contributing factor.  He passed away due to complications from a Severe Stroke he suffered years ago.  I hope to be able to keep his Website up and running for years to come so that his book may continue to inspire and help people for a very long time.  God Bless you Dad and Thank you for being such a loving husband, father and friend!  - With Love from your son Phil, on behalf of your wife Joan,  your children Steve, Dave, Linda, Brenda and all of your family.

You may visit his Obituary in the local newspaper, San Diego Union Tribune, by
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The book, Beyond the Limits, A Self-Portrait of Myasthenia Gravis was first published in paperback.Hi Folks…..what follows on this page are a few short messages from your Author Clete Gress, his son Dave and his niece Barbara. For almost 50 years Clete has lived and dealt with Myasthenia Gravis*, and I should add, dealt with it quite successfully. Then again I am a little prejudice, you see I’m Clete’s other son Phil and I created & maintain this website for him. It should be understood that what helped my Dad have a fulfilling life may not work for you but then again it just might! I’ve got some great feedback from other very kind people who also have Myasthenia*, so please take a little time out of your day and read his book. Even if it doesn’t help, you might find it enjoyable to look into another person’s life and experiences. Besides, the price is right!

From your Author,

Many people have helped me along the way in my efforts to make my book possible. It would take too much room to list them all individually, so I would like to say to all of you,

Many thanks to all of you and God Bless you!


(a.k.a. - Dad, Grandpa or Uncle Clete) actually, I now have three Great-Grand-Children, so I can add another title. They're all real dolls too, so they must take after me.

In closing, I would like to add, that this journey has been one long roller coaster ride, as I'm sure those of you who have Myasthenia Gravis* will understand. It has taken me from absolute rejection of my theories to complete acceptance. Of course, the acceptance has always been from people who have the condition, the only people who really know, and the only people who really count. I have a special warm spot in my heart for their encouragement and love.

So read my book, add your own thoughts and experiences, and good luck with
YOUR Journey!
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From my Son Dave,

One of the highlights of my childhood was going camping with my Father. Winter camping was the best because there was seldom anyone as nutty as we were at the campground. We had some great talks around the campfire. I believe I was in my early teens when, sitting around the fire, I asked Dad why fire existed. In other words -- what was fire?

Fire, he said, was the quick release of energy that has been building up over time. In this case, wood supplies that energy.

I understood, and even though as I grew up I was presented with more complicated, scientific answers, this explanation was the most meaningful.

On your Journey to find answers to this disease called Myasthenia Gravis*, you will find books filled with scientific language and studies. They won't mean more to you than this book. This "Self Portrait" is a lot like the campfire -- it is a quick release of energy built over time. In this case, my Dads life supplies that energy, through his experiences.

Answers need not be complicated.

Dave Gress

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From my Niece,

Beyond the limits is an autobiographical book written and self-published by my Uncle Clete (Clete Gress) on his experience with Myasthenia Gravis*. Years ago, when he first published the book, he asked friends and relatives to post flyers about the book. I put up a small notice on the web letting those interested know that they could call Uncle Clete's 800 number or e-mail me a request which I would then put in the regular mail to Uncle Clete. At that time he was charging $12.00 per book to cover his publishing costs.

Times have changed. Now, with the help of his son, Phil, Uncle Clete has posted the entire content of his book here on the web, and it’s free of charge. Be sure to send him your comments if his book stirs you in any way. He likes to read what you have to say.

This comes directly from my original posting of many years ago, and it still holds true: "And just so you know who you’re dealing with: Uncle Clete is a talented artist (painter), beloved husband and father, and all-around kind-hearted soul".

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Barbara Gress Graham

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*Myasthenia Gravis (a Brief Description)

What is Myasthenia Gravis?

Myasthenia gravis is a chronic autoimmune neuromuscular disease characterized by varying degrees of weakness of the skeletal (voluntary) muscles of the body. Myasthenia Gravis is caused by a defect in the transmission of nerve impulses to muscles. It occurs when normal communication between the nerve and muscle is interrupted at the neuromuscular junction, the place where nerve cells connect with the muscles they control.

What are the symptoms of Myasthenia Gravis?

Although Myasthenia Gravis may affect any voluntary muscle, the muscles that are most frequently affected are those that control eye and eyelid movement, facial expression, and swallowing. The onset of the disorder may be sudden. Symptoms often are not immediately recognized as Myasthenia.

In most cases, the first noticeable symptom is weakness of the eye muscles. In others, difficulty in swallowing and slurred speech may be the first signs. The degree of muscle weakness involved in Myasthenia Gravis varies greatly among patients, ranging from a localized form, limited to eye muscles (Ocular Myasthenia), to a severe or generalized form in which many muscles, sometimes including those that control breathing, are affected. Symptoms, which vary in type and severity, may include a drooping of one or both eyelids (ptosis), blurred or double vision (diplopia) due to weakness of the muscles that control eye movements, unstable or waddling gait, weakness in arms, hands, fingers, legs, and neck, a change in facial expression, difficulty in swallowing and shortness of breath, and impaired speech (dysarthria).

For more information on Myasthenia Gravis please refer to our MG Links page.
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